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Vladimir Tabanin was born in 1934 in the Arkhangelsk region. In 1966, he graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. He is the Member of the Russian Union of Artists and he has worked in Cuba and France. In 2006, VIadimir Tabanin was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

The artist works with a variety of painting techniques, a participant in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His works are in museums and private collections in Russia, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Cuba, China, Australia, Finland, as well as in museums in Shanghai, China and Turku, Finland.

Tabanin is a wonderful colorist, which is most fully expressed in his still lives. He resorts mainly to ”tsvetopisi”, where every stroke of his powerful message carries its own colorful energy. His intensive use of blue, purple, and emerald green, is combined with a yellow-brown, reddish bunch of colors in growing texture smears, resulting in a sort of “boiling” within the colorful images of the structure.

As a gifted and experienced muralist, he effectively uses contrasting additional combinations to “revitalize” his canvases that are “organized” in a tone study of their principal parts. In Vladimir Tabanin paintings, like many great masters, the plot pattern is very often a kind of confession – the most complete form of self-discovery rights.

His works are in:

  • The Russian State Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Volgograd Art Museum, Russia
  • Shanghai (China) Museum of Fine Arts
Major exhibitions:
  • 1967. Personal exhibition in Havana of the Academy of Fine Arts, Cuba (Academy professor).
  • 1977. Exhibition of Russian artists in the gallery “Charly Chevalier”, Paris, France.
  • 1985. Exhibition Gallery House Haring, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 1990. Exhibition “The heirs of Chagall, Turku, Gallery Belartes, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 1990. Exhibition of Russian artists in the gallery of Roy Miles, London, England.
  • 1992. The exhibition in Las Vegas, USA.
  • 1992. Exhibition of Russian Artists “Arte Ruso”, Mexico City, Mexico.
  • 1999. Solo exhibition in Shanghai, Cuba
  • 2000. Gallery “Imperial”, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • 2000. Solo exhibitions in Berlin, Germany, Amantea, Italy

FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery in Cambridge MA is very proud to exclusively present in New England 3 original oil paintings by famous artist Vladimir Tabanin at the exhibit on May 25- July 31 “Retrospective of Russian School of Fine Art”.




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