Cambridge Open Studios from May 13-14th: Seldom-Seen Russian Etchings and Original Works on Paper by August Mosca

Studying Original drawing by August Mosca (1909-2002)

Studying Original drawing by August Mosca (1909-2002)

From Russia With Art Gallery press release for COS

Taxi Mixed media by Misha Lenn

Taxi Mixed media by Misha Lenn

With spring in Cambridge, we welcome the vibrant sights and sounds of the 9th Annual Cambridge Arts Open Studios, from May 13-14, 12Noon -5 30pm. Annually, Open Studios celebrates the creative work of visual and performing artists in the City and invites you to experience and purchase work in studios and Common Venues throughout Cambridge! Learn more at

The exhibition is curated by J. and O. Koenig of Cambridge, MA. Olesya and Jerry are Russian art experts, collectors and owners of From Russia With Art gallery ( in Cambridge.

Gallery is also proud to feature original works on paper (pastels, mixed media, drawings) by an important American modernist August Mosca (1909-2002,) created by the artist in 1940s-1970s. The presentation is part of an ongoing project to re-introduce August Mosca to the general fine art audience of today as an artist of much merit, nearly forgotten and whose work had been admired by other artists in his own day. As such, it is an effort at custodianship, as much as possible, in hopes that this portion of the lifework that is, these works on paper, can find a suitable, long-term institutional conservancy. It is our hope, ideally to place these works as an archive for the appreciation of August Mosca.

Other featured artists at the COS-2017:
Stanislav Nikireev
Alexander Vetrov
Misha Lenn
Irena Makoveeva
Vladimir Vorobyov.

See you during the Mother’s Day weekend at the friendly atmosphere of Big Picture Framing Shop at the heart of historic Harvard Square, Cambridge, dear friends! The event takes place on May 13-14th from noon- 5 30 PM.

Written by FromRussiaWithArt

Jerry and Olesya Koenig are long time fine art collectors. In 2010, when Jerry retired from his job as General Director of Tenneco Automotive-Volga in Russia, they moved from Moscow, Russia to Cambridge, MA and co-founded From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge. The gallery features paintings, etchings, mixed media and sculptures of great quality and detail by Russian-American and Ukrainian artists, such as: Stanislav Nikireyev ( 1932-2007,) People's Artist of Russia; Anatoly Dverin ( b. 1935) Signature Member of OPA and Master of Pastel Society of the United States, Honored Artists of Russia: Alexander Vetrov, Irena Makoveeva and Vladimir Vorobyev, painters George Lapchinsky, Alexander Korman, Jim Kociuba, Maria Bablyak and Misha Lenn, sculptors Masha Volkova and Oleg Kedrya and more. They all represent great Schools of Fine Art, such as St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Art, Surikov and Stroganov Institutes of Fine Art in Moscow, Kiev Academy of Fine Art, Rhode Island School of Design and more. During annual pop-up exhibitions in different towns of Massachusetts and Maine Russian-Ukrainian cultural, educational and music programs being offered to Gallery supporters and visitors. Art and culture has no borders and helps mutual understanding between American and Russian people.


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