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Oil on canvas painting. Property of Ms. Ann Ayer

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Reading time. Nancy with children. 2012

From Russia With Art Gallery and Russian American Cultural Center of Boston are proud to present Sergei Danilin, a renowned artist in Russia, Europe, and the USA. Sergei is an accomplished landscape & portrait artist working in the classical tradition of Romantic Realism. His paintings combine a masterful technique, the strength of classical form and balance, a rich use of color, and a driving quest to reveal what he calls “the essence of the human soul.”

Sergei Danilin lives with his wife and family in St. Petersburg, Russia, which for three centuries was the epicenter for Russian art, literature and religion. At age eight, Sergei began his classical painting training, and at the age of seventeen, he studied further at the Russian Academy of Art in Saint Petersburg. Later, at age twenty-three, he was appointed to the faculty and taught there until 1985. In the past twelve years, Mr. Danilin has traveled numerous times to Europe and America to paint. In Europe, Sergei is mostly known for his historical paintings and portraits. In America, he is lauded as an individual and family portrait artist. Many of his clients have invited him to paint in their homes, in order to fully understand and capture the essence of their family and its surroundings. In these works the viewer can observe the masterfully captured beauty and complexity of human relationships.

In the United States, Danilin is well known by people who cherish and appreciate exceptional art. Families who own and have commissioned his work are some of the best known collectors in the world.  Our Gallery is happy to present his exceptionally beautiful, post-impressionist en plein air painting “April in New Jersey,” which also appears on page 38, Volume 2 of “Sergey Danilin Collected Paintings.”   To obtain more information and/or commission individual or family portraits, please contact From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, which officially represents the Artist: and by phone 617.714.3055

These are landscapes and a still life by the Artist, painted during his earlier visits to New England and New Jersey in 1986-2000, that are now available for sale:


Still Life with Samovar, oil on canvas board, 1986, 18,5 x26,5″

April in New Jersey, oil on canvas, 2000, 24″ x31,5″

Pebble Beach in Magnolia, MA, 1994, oil on canvas, 27,5″ x35″

Petrified Tree in Manchester by the Sea, 2004, oil on canvas, 17,5 ” x29,5″.

Please call us 857 253 8421 or email for more information.


Slideshow of Danilin’s portrait work:

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