Videos about Fine Art

These videos feature artwork and artists, techniques and details of the fine art we carry in our Gallery.

Portraits painted by Sergei Danilin.

Bronze sculpture by Ukrainian artist Oleg Kedrya (Kiev Academy of Fine Art).

Impressionist paintings by Anatoly Dverin.

Dry points by Honored Artist of Russia, Irina Makoveeva; oil paintings by Moscow artists George Lapchinsky.

The process of Etching. Featuring work by artist Alexander Vetrov.

Etchings: Winter scenes. Featuring work by Alexander Vetrov.

Etchings: Summer scenes, by Alexander Vetrov

The process of dry-point etching. Featuring work by artist Irina Makoveeva.

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Dry point Etchings: Anechka, by Irina Makoveeva

Etchings: Dogs! artwork by Irina Makoveeva

Etchings: Insects

Etchings: Birds

Linocut artwork

Etchings: Frogs & Lizards


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