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Great combination of detailed, complicated technique of colored etching and rich in color aquatint from 3 plates could be found in artworks of Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Vorobyov. Artist was born in Kremenets, Russia. In 1982 he graduated from the graphic department of Moscow Polygraphic Institute and then worked as an art director of the Publishing House “Molodaya Gvardia.” Vladimir Vorobyov follows the best, classic tradition of realistic art of easel graphic, which starts from works of great Masters such as Durer, Rembrandt and Goya. His etchings are imbued with sincere admiration of beauty of Russian nature. His works are distinguished by the artist’s individuality and masterful technique.

In Vladimir’s works the main themes are genre composition, lyrical, historical and architectural landscapes, still life. Artist does a very creative, skillful work in sealing his colored etchings. After preparing the necessary amount of different colored inks, he applies and rubs the paint in the strokes of the engraved copperplate with the special cardboards. Then, removing the excess paint out of the plate surface with special firm gauze and his palm, he achieves the exact realization of his plot and the delicate variety of tone tints of engraving.


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  1. FromRussiaWithArt says:

    We are exited to show beautiful colored etchings and aquatints by Vladimir at AD20/21 Boston Print Fair at Cyclorama, from March 26-29th, 2015- for the first time in the United States! Booth #27, open Fri 1-8 PM, Sat 11-8PM, Sun 11-5PM. 857 253 8421 cell

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