Georgy Lapchinsky

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Please note, Mr. Lapchinsky can be commissioned to produce custom paintings or to reproduce any of his sold artwork.

Georgy Lapchinsky is a young and upcoming painter of landscapes, still life, portraits and interiors. He was born in 1968 in Moscow. From the time he was 12 years old, Georgy knew he wanted to be an artist. He attended and graduated from the V.I. Surikov High School in Moscow and earned a Gold Medal upon his graduation. From 1986 to 1994, he was a student at the Moscow Art Institute, which was under the USSR Academy of Arts. At the Moscow Art Institute, Georgy won Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals for his work. Georgy is not associated with the Union of Artists and since 1994, has worked as a free artist. He paints in the neo-realistic style, as a representative of the Moscow Art School with brightly colored paintings. Some of his best paintings are; “At The Ballet Rehersal,” made in 2009, “Interior With Piano,” also painted in 2009, “Winter,” painted in 2008, “Clean Pond,” painted in 2009, “Snow Road,” painted in 2008, “Girls & Swans At Patriarch Pond,” done in 2008, “September Snow Saint Basil’s Church,” made in 2009 and one of our favorites, “Spring On The Kremlin Grounds,” painted also in 2009. These are excellent examples of his painting skills, the ballet dancer, shown relaxing after a rehersal, an interior of room with a grand piano and wonderful landscapes, particularly “Winter” and “Spring On The Kremlin Grounds”. This is only a sampling of the paintings displayed from Georgy Lapchinsky. The “From Russia With Art” Gallery in Cambridge, is the exclusive gallery to see and buy his works in New England. You are welcome to visit our gallery and see the beautiful paintings by Georgy Lapchinsky.