Holiday Exhibit in Cambridge Continues with “Off The Easel” of Maria Bablyak, Dec. 1-24th

Acrylic on canvas painting by Maria Bablyak

Acrylic on canvas painting by Maria Bablyak

Welcome to the 7th Annual Holiday exhibit at From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, in about 15 min. walk from Harvard Sq. T station!

Russian-American artist and designer Maria Bablyak (St. Petersburg Steiglitz Academy of  Art) continues the tradition of Holiday festivities with her “Off The Easel” exhibition of paintings and graphic work. On display from November 29- December 24th, every day from 10 30 – 7 PM.

Here is an artist statement for the exhibit:

” OFF the EASEL is a unique show, offering a broad representation of my artistic journey. I am often called a modern Renaissance artist for my diverse interests and paths in art.

I believe, diversity is an important matter, now more than ever. This show is an eclectic collection of my creations from different years, styles and techniques, to give a viewer an idea how my thoughts and creative process evolves, where I come from and where I am going, what are my goals.
I like to think that I am living in art and art lives in me. Anything living is constantly changing, taking different shapes, moving, therefore, living art has to be flexible to a change. An artist is a story teller. Art is a story, and the story is life itself, either perceived, seen in an outside world or coming from an inner world of an artist, or, a combination of both. How can someone express life in one sentence, perhaps, the most beautiful sentence, even perfect one but the same, over and over again?
I am a classically trained artist, with years of professional studies and lucky to have attended one of the best art schools in the world, yet, life has so much to offer that I feel the need to explore more and more of an artistic language, in order to express what I see, feel and know at its fullest. Some things can be better expressed in poetry, some in prose, some are fantastic novels, science fiction, some are documentary. Sometimes I am joking, sometimes serious, laughing or crying, etc. The same goes to artistic styles and techniques. When a creative idea comes to my mind, I’ll think how to execute it the best, what medium or style would reflect and express the best what I want to say. I feel equally comfortable working in watercolors, oil or acrylic paints, or in anything you’d give me to work with, in fact, I’d enjoy the challenge and that is living art for me. I transcend the limits of styles, techniques and common views.
Off my easel come detailed botanical watercolors with scientific precision, still lives in representational style, yet full of symbolism and life interaction of objects; compositions from my mind, sometimes things that I glance on momentarily, cityscapes and landscapes, places real and imagined.

Ideally, a viewer would observe, enjoy my art but also to be engaged in a silent dialogue. I might study and give all the details of a subject in a painting or I might give just an impression, without details, and let the viewers finish my painting in their minds if they please. My artwork is subtle and multilayered, one needs to take time to look and think, in order to understand and feel my message. ” Slow Art”, if you will. I purposely avoid loud effects and extreme, shocking qualities in my work. I believe my art can be very powerful without screaming for attention but through its diversity.”

The Opening reception on December 4th from 5-8 PM will also feature a Runway with fashion designs by:
Shaunt Sarian
Valentina Oppezzo
Inga Puzikov
Nina Bublik.

Light refreshments and drinks are served.

Meet the Artist! On Friday December 16th Maria Bablyak ( St. Petersburg Steiglitz Art Academy) will perform a painting demonstration. Please come , join the artist and relax in a beautiful atmosphere of excellent fine art exhibition!

Full List of Events at the 7th Annual Holiday exhibit is also attached. The gallery is open daily from 10 30- 7 PM.

Currently, “The New Beginnings” exhibition of oil paintings and watercolors of contemporary realist William Oberst ( North Adams, MA) is on beautiful display at the spacious gallery till December 11th. On December 3rd you can meet the artist during his film screening & discussion “Painter’s Vision.”


Written by FromRussiaWithArt

Jerry and Olesya Koenig are long time fine art collectors. In 2010, when Jerry retired from his job as General Director of Tenneco Automotive-Volga in Russia, they moved from Moscow, Russia to Cambridge, MA and co-founded From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge. The gallery features paintings, etchings, mixed media and sculptures of great quality and detail by Russian-American and Ukrainian artists, such as: Stanislav Nikireyev ( 1932-2007,) People's Artist of Russia; Anatoly Dverin ( b. 1935) Signature Member of OPA and Master of Pastel Society of the United States, Honored Artists of Russia: Alexander Vetrov, Irena Makoveeva and Vladimir Vorobyev, painters George Lapchinsky, Alexander Korman, Jim Kociuba, Maria Bablyak and Misha Lenn, sculptors Masha Volkova and Oleg Kedrya and more. They all represent great Schools of Fine Art, such as St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Art, Surikov and Stroganov Institutes of Fine Art in Moscow, Kiev Academy of Fine Art, Rhode Island School of Design and more. During annual pop-up exhibitions in different towns of Massachusetts and Maine Russian-Ukrainian cultural, educational and music programs being offered to Gallery supporters and visitors. Art and culture has no borders and helps mutual understanding between American and Russian people.


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